Wasaga Beach 2016 Real Estate Sales Figures; December Update

Wasaga Beach Real Estate Market

2016 Was A Record Breaking Year


The 2016 real estate market was “Hot” by any measure.

Local realtors with 20 or 30 years experience have not seen a market like it.

The annual sales to listing ratio of 86% highlights what a “Sellers” market Wasaga Beach has become.

The figures below really do speak for themselves.

As I’ve mentioned before sales were driven in 2016 by out of town buyers and a drop in the number of listings. These buyers did want move in ready homes and it was noticeable that any homes that didn’t sell tended to be the minority that didn’t show well.

Early indications are this busy market will continue. There is a reservoir of buyers who haven’t found anything yet and are still looking. These buyers were also looking over the Christmas/New Year holidays which is unusual.

Finally I should point out that the number of sales in the final 4 months of 2016 was less than 2015. There was simply a lack of homes for sale in Wasaga Beach. If you are thinking of selling the buyers are there and this was not a straightforward downturn in sales.

The key figures for December 2016 in Wasaga Beach are below.

They should be studied if buying or selling a home and discussed with your REALTOR®.

Key figures for December:

21 homes sold.

15 new listings.

Sales to listing ratio 140%

96.10% of listing price achieved.

Average days on market 59.

Year To Date:

642 homes sold.

747 new listings.

Sales to listing ratio 86%

97.54% of listing price achieved.

Average days on market 46.

Average Sale Price December 2015 -December 2016 $354,984.

Average Sale Price December 2014 -December 2015 $312,207.

The above statistical results are from the MLS® System of the South Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS® for the sale of single family homes.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net