Wasaga Beach Home Sales By Price Bracket 2016

Higher Priced Homes Selling Well In Wasaga Beach

Following yesterdays review of the monthly break down of home sales in Wasaga Beach in 2016, a review of the sales by price brackets makes interesting reading.

To state the obvious homes are getting more expensive in Wasaga Beach; the average price went up from $312,207 in 2015 to $355,595 in 2016. ( 13.9%; is this Tornto or Vancouver 🙂 )

This average price has been pulled up by an increase in sales of the more expensive homes. For example 200% more homes sold in the $500,000 to $550,000 bracket in 2016 over 2015.

There were more out of town buyers in the Wasaga Beach market. We all know how much homes are selling for in the GTA and these buyers are coming with significant amounts of money to spend; multiple offers were not unusual and prices were driven up.

An approximate 15% less listings over the year and the Wasaga Beach market was as “hot’ as anyone has ever seen. A sales to listing ratio for 2016 of 86% drives the point home.

We shall see what 2017 brings but after only 2 weeks the indications are already strong for this Sellers market to continue.