Make It Easier To Declutter With A Plan

Easy Steps To Help You Declutter




If you are planning to sell your home then cleaning and tidying are top priorities.

Your home is now a product rather than a “home.”

Cleaning is obvious and remember to get rid of any odours: cigarettes, pets or cooking for example.

The first steps to a tidy home is to declutter.

This can be quite daunting but make a plan. Set some time aside and then make a list of the areas you need to tackle.

Never try to do it all at once or your enthusiasm will quickly fade. Pick one room or area and complete than before going on to the next.

Here are some areas to concentrate on:

  • Counters: Get rid of any old appliances, decorative pieces and utensils you don’t need or use.
  • Shelving: Remove old books, trinkets and toys — anything that’s just sitting there gathering dust.
  • Closets: Gather the clothes, shoes and accessories you never wear.Get rid of these items.
  • Cabinets: Go through your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and remove everything that’s been “stuck in the back” or is otherwise cluttering the space. Old dishes, dishtowels and other items can go to secondhand stores or the trash.
  • Drawers: If you have a junk drawer, dump it out on your bed. Then go through it and remove everything but the essentials. When you go to put the drawer back, organize what’s left for easier access and retrieval.

Lastly and most importantly once all the work is done ensure you keep it tidy for the whole time the home is listed.

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