Top Tips For Landlords

Great Landlords Can Make Great Tenants

Tenants are like gold; they pay your mortgage, they give you cash each month; they build your retirement fund. The positives go on.

Good tenants are worth even more.

How a landlord acts often reflects the how the tenant acts.

Here are  tips to help you be a great landlord:

  1.  Leave a welcome note with your full contact details even if they already have them. Let the tenant know to contact you with any questions or problems.
  2. Leave a welcome pack with information about the area.
  3. Contact your new tenants one month after they have moved in to check everything is ok. Follow up with a visit in the second month to answer any questions and also check the home out.
  4. Always give 24 hours notice when you want to inspect the home. Quarterly visits should be more than enough. Maybe arrange to change the furnace filter every three months and the smoke alarm batteries avery 6 months.
  5. If the lease is renewed for another year, “reward” the tenants with a professional carpet clean or similar.
  6. Always deal with repairs with in 24 hours notice.
  7. Make sure the tenant can contact you quickly in case of any problems; is phone, email or text best for the tenant?
  8. Send a gift card at Christmas.



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