An Optimistic “Buzz” In Wasaga Beach

Sunny Days Ahead For Wasaga Beach 🙂

I stay away from politics on this site but one can’t ignore the local election last year that saw a new Mayor and several new councillors; in fact only 2 people remain on council from before.

It seemed the town was just ready for a change. This doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on the former regime (and this is an argument I don’t want to get into) but more I believe that the town wanted new ideas and a change of direction.

Inevitavbly new people will bring more enthusiasm, this occurs in any walk of life. They are fresh for want of a better description.

This enthusiasm is reflected in the local population and there is a definite optimism to the town as we head out of winter.

New events are already planned including the Air Show, Ribfest and Motor Cycle Rally. Even with the extreme cold Snowman Mania was well attended.

Last week Chef Bob at Catch 22 installed his new sign and the “sunny outlook” is just “perfect.”