Day 260: 7 Very Happy Girls At FaceART Of Wasaga Beach (Video)

A Great Afternoon With FaceART of Wasaga Beach

FaceART Wasaga Beach

All parents all know the “countdown” this time of year; “It’s only 4 days to Christmas” “3 days 5 hours to Christmas” ” 2 days to Christmas.”

What to do to entertain them ??

Well 3 days to the big event and 7 young girls were lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Xan Lazaridis of and it wasn’t even a birthday party. You may have seen Xan face painting at various events around town like the Canada Day Celebrations at Stonebridge; in fact she lives in Wasaga Beach. Not only did the girls enjoy having their faces painted but Xan laid on some food, games and the 2 stars of the afternoon, her cats.

She is an artist; having watched her work and seen the faces created “free hand”, no stencils or the like, artist is the only word I can use. Did you know you can have 3 different colours on one brush? Not mixed but used individually to get the right effect as the colours merge!!

Her web site talks of serving the Greater Toronto area but now we have FaceART on our doorstep for:

Children’s Birthday Parties * Halloween Face Painting * Celebrations and Parades * Special Occasions * Corporate Events * Theme Parties

“We create special memories for individuals and families through the art of facepainting. The possibilities are endless. A passion for people, nature and art constantly inspire new designs. Or, simply tell us what you imagine and we’ll paint it.”

Contact Xan for more information or check out FaceART on Facebook.