Please Hit Me If I Turn Into “That Guy” In Wasaga Beach

Yes that’s right physical violence if I become “That Guy” in Wasaga Beach

I’m reading  “Trust Agents” by  Chris Brogan and Julien Smith at the moment. The sub title sums it all up:

“Using the web to build influence, improve reputation & earn trust

The Internet is increasingly becoming more and more important to all business’s. Real estate is no exception and more than 80% of buyers now start their home search on line. Consequently with all the information that is now available at the click of a mouse the role of a REALTOR® is changing. Service and knowledge on how to use the information available is key.

Service where the REALTOR®  creates an exceptional customer experience for the client. What can the real estate agent do FOR YOU not TO YOU?

So who is “That Guy?”

” That Guy can be a man or a woman, but we all know a version of That Guy. He’s annoying. He handed you his business card immediately buy barely looks at your. His attitude is hand them all out, which is the business equivalent of carpet bombing. He talks about his company [or himself] all the time, but you can tell his smile isn’t very genuine while he’s doing it- maybe it’s even a bit desperate. He isn’t the best person to spend time with and eventually, you’ll be avoiding his calls.”

Do you know a REALTOR® like that? 🙂

If I say name and shame them in the comments I will be in trouble but please do hit me if I turn in to That Guy in Wasaga Beach.